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Amongst the heartiest of  red wines of this region of Sicily. A wine famous for its purity and structure. Full-bodied and full-colored with a taste of wild wood berries, cherries and a harmonious aftertaste.

Excellent with red meats, game, soups and cheeses. A bold taste that will remain long after the meal has been completed. 

Cabernet Savignon


From the rich soil of Sicilian land, grown is the French derived grapes of Merlot. This fruity wine with centuries of tradition shines with traces of cherries and black pepper. 

Superb with pastas, meats,

game and cheese. 



Nero d'Avola is an ancient Sicilian

full-bodied wine from the sun drenched region of Western Sicily. A deep red with hints of purple reflections. The perfume is delectable with traces of blueberry.  A bold taste with well structured tannins.  An excellent company to pasta and hearty meat dishes of beef and lamb. 

Nero D'Avola


This wine is from an ancient grapevine France but well rooted in Sicily.

A white wine with hints of nectarine and peach. This light and festive wine pairs well with appetizers, fish and salads. 

Pino Grigio

IMG_2510 (1).jpg

The sun-drenched region of Trapani grows this white wine well. 

A golden colored wine with reflections of green and perfumes of fruit.  A stronger white that holds up well to fish soups, shellfish and sharp cheeses.